podvodné e-maily na seznámení

From: gabriella <


Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2020 12:45 PM
Subject: you’re right out of my dream

I hope that my letter will reach you.

What is your country?
Very sad, travel now harder because of spread covid-19 everywhere.

But this is good opportunity to get acquainted in Internet. Therefore, if you are interested in my letter and want to know me closer, I will be glad accept your reply to my letter.
My age 31 year. I live in a locality RU Irkutsk.

I single. I focused on serious relationship. In a man for me important reliability and, of course, know that you will always give a shoulder.

Also for me important in a relationship mutual understanding and comfort.
I do in my free time I study fitness, read books, listening to music. I love to dance;)
Probably you think about it how did I find you? I found your electronic box through a dating agency.

Most likely, you ask where did they get your electronic box? I do not know, how a dating site found your electronic box. After registering on the site, I filled out a questionnaire, what man am I looking for to the agency found a man who will suit me.

Agency gave me your electronic box. But there is one problem in that my subscription is free, so I do not know anything about you. I do not have your photo, I do not know in which country you live, in what city do you live and what the most important, how old are you. Therefore, if you wish to communicate more, give me more information about yourself.
You can to write to me to mine electronic box, if I interested you.

Write to me at this address DuncanGabriella8208@yandex.com ..!
Good time!